Green Environment policy

Duntrune House’s Environmentally Aware Practices

A growing concern for the destruction of our green environment shown in

 change in weather patterns,

effect on wild life, flora and fauna,

destruction of landscape due to waste dumping

adverse effect on health of pollution,

increase in allergies

general lack of appreciation of the world we inherited

made us question our own contributions to the situation and review our practices.

The Green Business Tourism Scheme

has helped us focus on some ways that we can play our small part.  We would like to share them with you.

E nergy – saving light bulbs

No smoking policy

Variety of books on wildlife and heritage

Insulated pipes and loft

Re-cycling of glass, paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles etc

Organic and Fair-trade products used

No processed foods used

Members of Green Tourism Business Scheme, Environment Group,Scottish Land and Estates, National Trust, English Heritage.

Eco – friendly cleaning products used.

Neighbours encouraged to use our re-cycling facilities.

Temperature of hot water set at 60ºC

Ask guests to support our towel policy – see notice near whb

Lifts to public transport offered.

Local produce used – butcher, fish shop

Your help appreciated by closing doors and switching off lights.  Turn off heat before opening windows.

A stitch in time saves nine – repairs attended to ASAP e.g. dripping taps.

Waste minimisation

Actively encourage birds to our garden by planting native trees, bee, butterfly and insect attractive plants, bird feeders, red squirrel boxes and a wet meadow.

Review our practices to seek improvements.

Encourage our guests through this information to review their practices.

Some thought provoking facts

Average household over a lifetime uses –

  • 20,000 bottles and jars
  • 10 tonnes of newspapers
  • 30,000 cans
  • 100,000 plastic bottles and containers
  • ½ tonne hazardous waste

1 glass bottle recycled = 60 watt bulb for 4 hours

1 tonne aluminium foil recycled = 1 kW heater for 624 days non-stop